Friday, September 14, 2012

Friends of Ricki Kick-Off

Tomorrow is our Kick-Off event at Le Ciel Spa and Salon in Bethesda. Sign up here if you haven't done so yet.

I am so thrilled to have partnered with such a genuine and valuable model for moms everywhere. The show began this week, launching the beginning of a new era of television.  A huge basis for the Ricki Lake Show is to support and inform moms and by integrating the reach and scope of social media to do so is really commendable.  In the past few years since we launched Capital Baby Planners and Capital City Mamas, we have worked hard to keep up with all of the trends and outlets via the web.

First, it was Facebook, then Twitter, then Pinterest.  Now we have incorporated Meetups to our repertoire. Ricki understands our society continues to learn new ways to connect, inform and grow; and by embracing these opportunities, she is modeling what all moms know.  We need to be open, flexible and multi-tasking at all times.  By using social media to drive the ways we connect, she can influence the conversations and format her show will take, and therefore, we all win.

At Capital City Mamas, we have the same philosophy.  When we "gave birth" to this business we wanted to help, support and inform expectant parents as they entered into this exciting time in their lives. Those core values have not changed, but as we expanded and grew, we have learned to value and embrace the many ways we can connect with you.

Thank you for allowing us to do so, and please let us know when there is something new we should learn about, so we can continue to grow and support you.

Hoping to see you at these upcoming events, and in the future.

My best,

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